Is CoolSculpting for Men, too?

They might hide it really well, but men care about the way their body looks too. In recent years more and more men are actively searching ways to contour their body without having down time. CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach is the worlds leading noninvasive body contouring procedure. Millions of CoolSculpting treatments have been performed, and many of them on men! Cool Body Sculpting Center has spent years perfecting the contouring experience for all guys to be able to achieve the unique physique that they desire!

Why men like CoolSculpting

Just like us girls, men like a certain shape and appearance. Having stubborn fat can make it really hard to achieve the looks that they want. Even rigorous exercise and strength training may not touch these areas. This is where CoolSculpting comes in: by freezing the fat cells, the stubborn fat can be shaved away! This results in a body that is more toned and defined without having to take time off work. Body Contouring in Virginia Beach with CoolSculpting is effective, efficient, and completely non surgical which makes it the ideal procedure for men.

Ideal areas for men to sculpt


The abdomen is the #1 area for men who want to achieve a leaner, more athletic appearance. Having a lot of belly fat can hide the muscle definition that is underneath!

CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

Flanks, "Love Handles"

The flanks can be a really hard area to sculpt to your vision. Having extra fat in this area can make a huge difference when it comes to your bodies symmetry.

How to get rid of love handles


A very sharp jawline is a key feature for masculinity. Having excess fat in the chin area can really impact the overall facial features and profile. 

CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach


"Man boobs" can make men very insecure. Even with targeted exercises, it can be really hard to target this area and improve it. 

CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

How long does it take to see results?

CoolSculpting results in Virginia Beach can take 3 months to see your full results. You may start to see the changes in your body as early as 4 weeks following a CoolSculpting treatment. How quickly you see those changes depend on your body's metabolism, how much water you are drinking and how good you are about your diet

CoolSculpting with Cool Body Sculpting Center: What to Expect

CoolSculpting on men
  • Free Consultation
    At your consultation, our CoolSculpting specialist will educate you and address all your concerns. Then they will assess all the areas and present you with a treatment plan and quote. 
  • Treatment                                                                      During your treatment, your technician will prep the area with a Skin wipe. Then a gel pad will be placed over the area in order to protect your skin from the extreme cold. The applicator will vacuum the tissue up into the device, and will be strapped to you for a certain amount of time. Once removed, your technician will massage the tissue for two minutes in order to restore the blood flow in the area. 
  • Follow Up                                                                      At your follow up, you will review your before and after pictures and discuss any additional area that need treatment!

If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate, and how much CoolSculpting might cost for you, schedule for a free CoolSculpting consultation at Cool Body Sculpting Center!