How to reduce Thigh Fat fast

Here at Cool Body Sculpting Center in Virginia Beach, body positivity is the most important! However, we all struggle with parts of our body that no matter how positive we try to be, it just bothers us and can effect our mental health. If you are among those who have trouble with fatty lumps on the outside of your thighs or chaffing from your inner thighs- we feel you. Many people struggle with self-confidence and comfort due to this issue. If you have been doing all the inner thigh workouts, cow kicks and leg lifts with no prevail, we may be able to help!

At our clinic we have even seen people whose jeans wear down in between their thighs because of all the friction they experience while walking, or have heard the struggles of finding the perfect pair of pants to fit bulging outer thighs. Let's not get into the pain of chaffing when it comes to wearing shorts at Busch Gardens in the summertime!

If you want to feel positive and confident about your legs, then Cool Body Sculpting Center in Virginia Beach may have the solution. Our body experts are happy to perform a free consultation! This will be a time to discuss treatment options, pricing, financing, and scheduling! Take control of your body contouring journey by addressing your legs. Schedule your free consultation today!

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is the most popular non-surgical body contouring procedure in the world right now. CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach is clinically proven to eliminate fat in areas that are diet and exercise resistant. It is the only FDA approved technology to use controlled cooling to permanently remove the fat cells. Unlike invasive procedures such as liposuction or lazers, CoolSculpting is non-surgical and therefore does not require anesthesia. Additionally, there will be no scarring, no cutting, and ZERO downtime!

Here at Cool Body Sculpting Center, we offer CoolSculpting treatments on both the Inner thighs, Outer thighs,  Banana Rolls (Back of the legs, under the buttocks) above & below the knee. If leg fat is something you are struggling with, Cool Body Sculpting Center in Virginia Beach has the technology to give you the best results! Schedule your free consultation today!

Weight Loss Injectables in Virginia Beach

Weight loss shots in Virginia Beach with Semaglutide is the revolutionary weight loss injection that is taking the world over. Semaglutide is a weekly injection that is currently approved to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity. More recently, people have been using Semaglutide injections when they are struggling to lose weight even with the help from diet and exercise programs. Semaglutide works by mimicking a naturally occurring hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism, while also slowing down the time it takes for your body to process food. Patients on Ozempic (Semaglutide) have lost on average 25% of their body weight and saw vast improvements to their overall health. Semaglutide in Virginia Beach supports long term weight management by fixing certain factors that contribute to weight gain and it helps promote sustainable changes in the patients lifestyle. Semaglutide promotes healthier eating habits and will give the patient a more positive relationship with food.

Cool Sculpting Results

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Treat your Legs in Virginia Beach

Don't let extra fat on the legs get in the way of you loving yourself. If you should decide diet and exercise are not getting you where you want to be, Cool Body Sculpting Center is here for you. Our body specialists will help determine what treatment is best for you and your goals, go over payment options and get you scheduled! 

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