What is Evolve TITE

A non-invasive, hands-free procedure specifically designed to simultaneously remodel multiple body areas to improve the appearance of your skin. At Cool Body Sculpting Center, we are proud to offer Evolve Tite, an effective skin remodeling solution by InMode. The procedure is ideal to treat the abdomen, arms, flanks, hips, thighs, knees, and buttocks.

Evolve Tite treatment is a safe and effective procedure to reshape your body! This procedure is ideal for individuals who are looking for non-invasive skin treatment to address specific areas that require restructuring. Achieve a slimmer, younger-looking appearance in a short time.

This treatment can:

  • Remodel larger body areas simultaneously
  • Rebuild collagen which has grown weak and pushes out old deteriorated collagen
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve the appearance of the skin
  • Provide a natural-looking younger and firmer appearance

How does Evolve TITE work?

Evolve Tite leverages clinically proven bipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to remodel skin and improve the appearance. The 8 hands-free applicators deliver uniform consistent bulk heating to remodel the skins subdermal layers.

What can I expect during this treatment?

Most clients find Evolve Tite treatments to be comfortable. During your procedure you can expect a warming of your skin similar to a hot stone massage. As the radio frequency penetrates the dermal layers patients typically notice a reduction in the folds of the skin.