Tips for CoolSculpting recovery

Going through with a CoolSculpting treatment can be a huge step in achieving your body goals. This body contouring procedure in Virginia Beach has become very popular mainly due to the fact that it is completely noninvasive. Even though there is no down time, there can still be some recovery aspects associated post treatment. 

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Getting back to your daily routine

Immediate activity

One of the things that makes CoolSculpting in Chesapeake so popular is that there is no down time. With there being no surgical aspect to it, you can go right back to your daily activities right away. You will want to be consistent with your exercise regime in order to ensure the best body sculpting results

Healthy Lifestyle

Following a body contouring treatment, you will want to eat small, healthy portions as well as stay hydrated. Fueling your body with the right things will set you on track to great results. 

Massaging the area treated

Massaging the areas that were CoolSculpting is essential to getting the best results. This ensures that the frozen fat fells continue to break down so that your body can naturally process them. Massaging twice a day is best, but the more you do it the better!

When will I see CoolSculpting results?

You will typically see changes to your body within 4-6 weeks following a CoolSculpting treatment. Some bodies metabolize slower and so could take longer to see changes. Full results are typically seen by 12 weeks post CoolSculpting. Staying well hydrated and eating healthy will help you to see quicker changes as well as your body is detoxing the dead fat cells. 

CoolSculpting Recovery Tips

Wear Comfortable clothing

Where compression garments may help with results, there is no research based on them actually providing a difference. Therefore, we find it best to wear loose, comfortable clothing in the area that was treated in order to avoid any discomfort.

Rest is essential

Your body has just been through a procedure. Even though you feel fine enough to walk out of the building, you will still want to rest in order for your body to properly heal.

Don't rush into strenuous activity

You are certainly able to jump right back into your exercise following a CoolSculpting treatment, however you may want to think about giving your body some grace to heal. Maybe swap out your regular routine for something low impact for a couple of days. Instead of heavy weights or CrossFit, try calisthenics or yoga.

Enhancements Post CoolSculpting Treatment

Evolve Skin Tightening or Muscle Toning

Skin tightening in virginia beach

Tight skin and toned muscles are very achievable with these procedures following your fat reduction treatment with CoolSculpting. To find out more information, follow the links below or call Cool Body Sculpting Center at (757) 761-9317.

Define Face or Chin remodeling

The Define by Inmode uses radiofrequency to melt fat and increase collagen production, essentially tightening skin. The face component can provide a noninvasive face lift where the chin component helps melt fat in the submental while also giving a lift to the neck. Both components provide skin tightening in Virginia Beach.

CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

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