How to lose arm fat fast

Are you like the thousands of others in the world, who struggle with losing that stubborn arm fat? After trying all sorts of diets; Keto, mediterranean, veganism, intermittent fasting - are you still just not seeing the results you'd like? As frustrating as this may be there's actually a PERMANENT solution! CoolSculpting in Virginia beach can help you lose arm fat fast.

What is CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting is a form of fat reduction method called Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis works by using freezing temperatures (-11 degrees) to break down and kill fat cells! This is what makes coolsculpting permanent. What most people don't know is, us humans are born with millions of fat cells and although we won't gain more fat cells throughout our lifespan, the ones we do have are still able to grow the more we eat, easically unhealthy foods. This causes our bodies to expand outwards (aka that unfavorable arm fat). With coolsculpting the goal is to permanently get rid of up to 25% of those fat cells being treated for overall reduction in stubborn areas, a popular one being ARM FAT.

CoolSculpting arms

How effective is body contouring on arms?

Each CoolSculpting treatment with Cool Body Sculpting Center has a reduction of 20-25%, and with a minimum of one month apart in sessions can yield a 40 to 50% fat reduction in upper arms! In order to get the best results there are some key factors. For example, keeping up a good diet and exercise routine. Although with CoolSculpting we are permanently killing those fat cells being treated, the remaining fat cells can still expand depending on one's diet. Making sure to drink lots of water, eating your veggies and fav snacks in moderation, will go a long way with you getting and maintaining the best results.

How many sessions do I need on my arms?

Something else that plays a big role in the effectiveness in CoolSculpting is how many sessions you're getting. While the amount of sessions vary from person to person and different body types, the more you put in the more you will get out! For arms, you typically need at least 2 treatments of CoolSculpting for optimal results. Every person is different and requires a different treatment plan, therefore coming in for a free consultation to find out what your body requires is what we recommend! Call (757) 761-9317 or follow the link below!

Is Coolsculpting arms better than liposuction?

"Coolsculpting is best used to remove small amounts of fat for mild to moderate results. Liposuction is generally used to remove larger amounts of fat tissue, but it's a more invasive procedure with more potential complications" 2021 Healthline

Another benefit that CoolSculpting holds above liposuction is the treatment relaxation and 0 downtime! With CoolSculpting during your treatment you can catch up on your favorite shows (courtesy of Cool Body Sculpting Center), get some work done, or take a nap! During the procedure there are no needles and no anesthesia used, just full consciousness and relaxation. Following your procedure you can enjoy the benefit of being able to hop right back on your feet in your normal daily activities with 0 downtime! Whereas with lipo you can expect a week and TEN days to recover enough to return to work, and you'll still have to avoid any strenuous activities!! Why deal with that when you can check out CoolSculpting and all the perks that come with it!

So get ready to say goodbye to that stubborn arm fat and hello to the confidence you will gain from CoolSculpting! Book your appointment  and start the new year the right way, the (sculpting) way!

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