What is the fastest way to lose belly fat without surgery?

Stubborn fat is a disease that is not easily curable. Stubborn fat is the fat that your body holds onto, not wanting to part with no matter what you do. Intermittent fasting, Mediterranean diets, CrossFit; none of it is working! Out of all the areas on your body, the belly can be the worst for stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach

The Belly

You may have found  some extra blubber formed post c-section, or maybe you're a new dad infected with the "dad bod". Love yourself and your body no matter what, as long as you're healthy and happy. Unfortunately, extra fat on the belly does affect the happiness for so many to some degree. We all know that diet and exercise are the top two things to focus on when wanting to lose weight, however in some cases it's just not enough. Again, stubborn fat can be really hard to lose. So what is the best way to lose belly fat without surgery?

Non Surgical fat removal from stomach

CoolSculpting Elite is the most popular non-surgical procedure that kills your fat cells using a cooling technology. Even stubborn belly fat can't withstand these cold temperatures. These results are permanent, just like other surgical procedures for the stomach such as liposuction or sonobello. However, CoolSculpting requires no anesthesia, no cutting, and leaves you able to return to all your normal activities immediately following your CoolSculpting belly procedure. You could go right back to the gym! That sounds pretty fast to me. CoolSculpting the belly will finally get you the flat tummy you desire! If you want to find out if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting virginia beach, give our CoolSculpting experts a call at (757) 761-9317, or schedule a free consultation following the link.

Does non surgical belly fat removal work?

CoolSculpting is a permanent fat removal procedure. With every treatment that is done, 20-25% of your fat cells are killed and your body removes them naturally. However, there are still fat cells that remain that can expand if you decide to treat your body badly. Eating unhealthy, not working out or staying active, and not drinking water are all things that can cause you to see little results, or keep you from being able to maintain the results that you do achieve from the CoolSculpting procedure. Certain medications and diagnosis such as menopause can also play into your non surgical belly fat results. 

Non surgical fat removal from stomach cost

CoolSculpting price on the tummy can differ for everybody. CoolSculpting is tailored to your body, and because we are all different sizes and shapes, treatment plans will differ for each person. CoolSculpting stomach treatments at Cool Body Sculpting Center in Virginia Beach start at $850 per session. To find out your specific CoolSculpting cost, set up a free virtual or in house CoolSculpting consultation with the experts at Cool Body Sculpting Center. Call (757) 761-9317 or follow the link to schedule online. 

Non surgical fat removal from the belly at Cool Body Sculpting Center in Virginia Beach

Cool Body Sculpting Center is the #1 CoolSculpting provider in southern Virginia. The belly is the most popular area that is treated at Cool Body Sculpting Center. Below are some of their own CoolSculpting results on the stomach:

cool sculpting results

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